Responsible Gambling wants you to play responsibly. The modern world leaves nothing to be hidden from the eyes of people. That is why, the power of media and advertising has become much stronger lately. The safeness is your first priority, whether it concerns your finance, or gambling and mental health.

Online gambling was established as, and still is, a form of fun. Something that brings entertainment, careless pastime and leisure. You must not let it become something more serious, and moreover dangerous. Our site is created to reveal the main principles of online gambling with Playtech software. We describe the software provider, its formats, games, legal conditions, and more.

The aim is to help you understand the idea of the pastime better, and show you everything in theory, before you turn to practice. Being attentive, you will notice that none of our text includes encouragements about money wins, prizes and gains possible within the pastime. We just want to be sure that our customers have the same vision of the situation.

However, being a constant user of different virtual casinos, it may become difficult to recognize and identify the problem. More often than not, players think that they can stop whenever they want. In order to help you understand your situation better, we offer you to check out the protective measures and rules to obey in order not to cross the line.

Principles of Safe and Secure Gaming

Experienced casino runners may do everything being guided by their intuition and knowledge about gambling. Yet, each newbie and existing casino customer should check the points in order to understand whether the pastime is conducted into the right way, what they should change and how everything is settled.

Here are some rules to help you stay safe and untouchable, without owning any dependence:

  • Gambling is fun. Do not take it as a way of earning money.
  • When losing, consider you pay a charge. When winning, think that this is a bonus, and not a consistent pattern.
  • Gambling is a separate way of leisure. Do not replace the communication with your relatives, family and friends with gaming.
  • Never place stakes with borrowed money. Never take loans from banks for keeping on playing.
  • Before starting the gaming pastime, set certain boundaries. Determine how much you can spend today and do not alter it according to the game results. Define how much time you can spend on the leisure, and set the limits on the losses you can bear.
  • The efforts to win back the losses can bring more money wastes.
  • Remember that gambling is not a remedy for any type of pain or depression, or a way to distract your attention from your daily problems.
  • PlaytechGeek wants to help you solve any kind of query you have with the disease. Please, use the special links presented on our site to analyze our situation and find a professional aid if needed.

How to Protect Yourself

In case you feel something is wrong, you can take some protective measures for being sure you are safe. There exist multiple self-exclusion ways, however, we offer them most loyal and easy alternatives.

  • To get a control over your budget and finance, set certain rates for the pastime within a day, week and month.
  • Analyze the history of your transactions, gaming time, winnings and losses in order to understand the tendencies and have an idea of possible results in the future.
  • Mind the significance of time-outs, which should last from one day up to a week.
  • In the profile settings, you can settle limits on the losses, total bet sizes, time frames of the gameplay, and more.