Most Crucial Facts in Playtech History

IGaming is an exciting branch of the modern entertainment industry. Every year, online casinos and others game operators involve new players and customers. And the main inspire factor here is the fun and high-quality content that software developers create. A huge variety of such companies are now on the market, however, today the history of Playtech company is going to be the one to discuss.
history of Playtech

1999 – The Company Appears

That is hard to believe, but it has been more than 15 years since Playtech made its first appearance on the scene. The brand was created by the enthusiastic entrepreneurs from various fields in Tartu, Estonia. Their main goal was to start a firm that would make gambling available to anybody.

Events from 2000 to 2010

In 2006 Playtech made its appearance on the London AIM, which meant the worlds’ recognition. In 2010 the company began to look for the ways to expand the horizons. Its mission then was to reach out a larger audience of people. For that reason, the manufacturer launched the leading solutions, including, Ash Gaming, Virtue Fusion, GTS, and many other applications. Those actions allowed the provider to connect online and retail operations more effectively.

2011-2015 Achievements

The developer did not stop there, and continued its evolution. In 2012 Playtech was once again recognized by London’s Main Market and Geneity, the best sports betting provider in the UK. Further, in 2013 PokerStrategy complemented the achievements of the firm with the best poker offerings in the whole industry.
historical facts of Playtech

Playtech Plc Nowadays

The company continues to fight for recognition and success. For this moment, we know Playtech as one of the ultimate leaders of the iGaming market. It’s a large corporation with offices in Estonia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Fortunately, the provider has reached its goals, firstly set in 1999. Many ranks recognize the developer as the number one in the industry with the games being innovative and technologically advanced. The software is fun and entertaining, is not difficult to understand, and the most important it is available to every gambling fan.

Successful Team

All of the achievements would not be possible without an amazing hard-working team. CEO Moz Weizer, COO Shay Segev, CTO Ed Kreiman, managers Koby Gur, Uri Levy, and Ethan Ram have brought the whole company to the today’s success. Players can be sure the staff cares about their needs and preferences.
Playtech company history

Products and Services on The Offer

Playtech offers a huge variety of online amusements, such as sports betting, bingo, casino, live gaming, poker, fixed, casual odds games and fresh Playtech casino even more often, than you can imagine. In order to attract new customers, the developer offers many bonuses and promotions. Moreover, there are around 30 progressive titles.

Also, it operates CRM, hosting, and marketing services. If one has some questions or concerns, he or she may find all the needed information on the website of the company or send them directly to customer support service.