Privacy & Cookie Policy is a source for all online players to learn everything about Playtech, its company, games, features, possibilities, formats, and more. Here, on this page, we explain how exactly you can use the site, what personal information of yours is used for our purposes and which data can be shared and disclosed with the third parties. We also warn that some information is gathered within the web page for enhancing your experience.

PlaytechGeek Privacy Policy

Using our gambling blog for reading the surveys and viewing the content as a visitor doesn’t require any account registration or any kind of membership. The exception includes the situations when you subscribe to our newsletters, comments our video lessons, etc. Then, we ask you to provide your personal information, which consists of your full name, email and home address mentioned, and more. Sharing such data, you agree to keep it on our site within several years after the registration.

To make the usage of our site more convenient for you and all the customers, we link the players with different third-party services, such as online casinos, video-sharing website, and others. We also reserve the right to provide their content thru our pages to make the access faster.

Joining our blog, you agree to get email letters, offers, mobile notifications, and more. In case you don’t want to receive any kind of information from the site no longer, please, follow the link in the letters and remove your email address from the list. The instructions are provided in each email, so that you can do it at any moment.

Cookies Policy of PlaytechGeek uses Cookies. When you enter the site of our blog, your personal computer, mobile phone/tablet, or any other device you use collects some data of yours. Such intelligence may include your location, IP address, browser used and its version, gadget OS and its version, etc. the site warns about the collection of the info, so that you are aware and agree with the terms. There exist several kinds of the intelligence we seek for, these are location, cookies, navigation and device.

We gather the cookies with one single target – to make the usage process easier and more personalized. Analyzing the opened links, the articles you read the most and the time you spend here, we know what exactly is of your interest and try to provide new information close to the topics. Getting the relevant and up-to-date ideas about our customers, we collect the data for a while and then examine it for making the service better for you.

Controlling the Procedure

Launching our service, you see a pop-up page telling you about our Cookies storage. Clicking the button and continuing the usage of the site, you agree with the terms and accept all the conditions. Nothing is done without your knowledge. PlaytechGeek experts also strongly recommend you to keep the service enabled for us to have a chance to harvest the information and use it for your benefit.

However, in case you find the thing not trustworthy, there is always an option. You can deactivate the feature in your browser settings or turn to the help center to solve the problem. Also, you can clear Cookies and your browsing history, cache, and more to start everything with a clear page.

Cookies Types We Use

Your likings and preferences get revealed to us through cookies, yet, there are several kinds of them. Each alternative includes different responsibilities, having one common aim to simplify your pastime. Among the variants are essential, info with technical concern, advertising and storage duration. The statistics got from the harvested intelligence help us form a content interesting and useful for you.