Top Management of Playtech Company

Almost everyone knows that Playtech is a successful software developer. Its products are always innovative, exciting, and of a very high quality. In our guide, we will tell you about the people who run this huge corporation, create new ideas, and develop the online casino market. Their last names may not be so widely known, but they must be well-respected for their work ethic, dedication, and care for the customers.
Playtech top managers

Structure of the Company

Playtech is very big: there are over 3,600 employees who work throughout Europe and their main duty is to create new gaming technologies. It sounds incredible, but the board of directors who manage everything in the company consists of just five people. They all are great professionals and possess a lot of valuable skills and knowledge.


C-level representatives are very important for the firm’s development and growth, since the major strategic duties are totally on them. So don’t waste your time and read the information about key workers of Playtech management team below.

Mor Weizer

Mor Weizer is respected for being perfect in the market of international sales and management. This genius has been serving in various positions as an auditor and a financial consultant. But in May 2, 2007, Playtech plc made him a new Chief Executive Officer.
Playtech management team

Shay Segev

Shay Segev is also a c-level executive who possesses 17 years professional career on the iGaming market. He used to work for many global companies and brought them to huge success. As his biggest aspiration in life, Shay defines being able to help organizations grow and turn technology into tremendous power.

Koby Gur

Koby Gur is another one senior executive from Israel. He is specializing in hi-tech and management of projects of various complexities. This guy is famous for his excellent negotiation skills, as well as prior work practice in many successful firms. The manufacturer owes a lot to his brand new strategies.

Ed Kreiman

Ed Kreiman, an executive from London, UK, became a great addition to the Playtech team in 2012. He managed to lead a group of 50 people in all aspects of business organization. Co-workers say that he is a spark plug of the company, always coming up with breakthrough ideas and solutions for developing the newest Playtech casinos.

Ethan Ram

In the online gambling industry, a chief architect may be one of the most important positions, since the quality of a product is what matters the most. Now, we can surely say that Ethan Ram was the right person for this job, because the brand software has become recognizable and trusted. His main duties are to lead innovation and to improve product security.
management team of Playtech

Uri Levy

Uri Levy became a Vice President Business-Developer in 2008. For this time a lot has been done under his command. And that is why the guy has earned many rewards and recognition for his influence in business.

Company Locations

Playtech was established in Estonia, but the company went further beyond the Northern borders. Now, this corporation has offices in 12 different countries, including Serbia, Italy, and Spain.

Board of Directors

The firm has a special chain of command which allows to effectively use time and resources. A very important link in this system is a board of directors, as far as they are final decisions-makers.

Alan M.Jackson is a Chairman of the Board and has more than 30 years of experience in the leisure field. Ron Hoffman is a Chief Financial Officer, who has been supporting the growth of the business for over 8 years. The non-executive director Andrew G.Thomas has had an extensive career in accounting and business before he joined Playtech and made it one of the absolute leaders.