Mobile Casinos Based on Playtech Platform

Do you know that over 65% of world gamblers access their slots with a smartphone? It grants not only the advantage of easy and portable gambling experience, but also the opportunity to deposit, withdraw or contact customer support at any place and time. Playtech specialists have already acquired this data and invested in the success of their phone products development.

The Mobile Hub as introduced in 2012 created a brand-new framework of access to the company’s portfolio. Hence, the operators obtained a convenient unified way of offering masterpieces for almost all portable devices with the unique possibility to add the games from other software developers.

Here we will discuss both instant HTML5 and App Playtech mobile casinos.
Playtech mobile casino

HTML 5 Casinos

The latest improvements of the programming language concept resulted in HTML5 technology. Even though it was released only in 2014, this format has progressively restrained Flash creations in the market. The principal advantage of the new platform is the possibility to create casino products with the mobile appealing design and enjoy them without downloads.

The standard browser, like Safari (on iOS) or Chrome (on Android), can impress you with refined graphics and audio support on your device. Enormous list of Playtech casinos therefore provide high quality and fun games enhanced with flexible resolution and seamless compatibility.

Native Applications

The term of a native application stands for a downloadable product designed for a particular operating system. Written via JavaScript or HTML5 languages, they offer ultimate features and precise characteristics for mainly Apple and Android devices. Casino apps are no exception! Despite of flashy buttons on the operators’ websites, the best ones are found directly on the AppStore and Google Play, while they are reviewed and tested by various experts prior to a release on the reputable company market.
 mobile casino by Playtech

Playtech Web Gaming Experience Pros & Cons

Instant experience was the first format introduced for online gambling. It remains popular nowadays due to several key advantages, yet there is also another side of the medal.


The main positive aspects include: wide spectrum of slots designed for simple browser usage; easy access from any device connected to the internet; no extra memory consumption on your gadget, etc.


As should be predictable, no-download software is sometimes slower compared to its counterpart, as it relies on additional external forces and can be harmed by a lost connection or a virus. Plus, instant casinos may not retain your information, so you’ll need to reenter it every now and then.

Mobile Playtech Casino Apps Pros & Cons

Downloading gambling software is a very straightforward and fast process. Whereas earlier, it was not common to fill the interface with multiple titles, today, both developers and gamers demonstrate much higher interest towards this format.
Playtech casinos: html5 and apps


The major advantage of app usage is the safety of your resources, as both the AppStore and Google Play, check their products in a very careful manner. Moreover, native applications provide more stable connection along with amazing tailor-made graphics.


The challenges are not numerous, yet they might be quite annoying. Firstly, the app will take some HDD space on your mobile and secondly, you might be forced to go through various updates. Also, not all casinos will offer the application version and if otherwise, the number of downloadable slots can still be limited.