Top of Playtech Slot Jackpot Winnings

Playtech software is very popular among modern players not only because of technologically advanced games, exciting features, and attractive bonuses, but also because of the golden opportunity to win very large jackpots. The company is known for its many clients that have become multi-millionaires after playing their favorite slots. In our guide, we have gathered the most terrific success stories with Playtech slot jackpots winners to inspire you to play big and to never give up.
Playtech slot jackpots

Beach Life Slot Prize

Beach Life slot is adored by many thrill seekers because of simple rules, interesting scenery, and large prizes. Basically, this game is a usual 10 payline machine that often offers an additional bonus game. One lucky player has managed to win here about $3 million in the fall of 2013.

Wall Street Fever Winning

Playtech casinos feature a lot of progressive video slots that are pretty easy to figure out. One example of this can be Wall Street Fever Winning that attracts more and more players every year. It has five paylines and five reels and it does not require you to make the maximum bet in order to win a jackpot. On the 4th of February 2013, one lucky guy won a pool worth of $616, 911.

Queen of the Pyramid

There are games that you will be always willing to play, no matter how big the jackpot might be. Queen of the Pyramid is certainly one of them, because in addition to the enjoyable scenery, it offers the beneficial bonus round. Once, the fan of this slot has taken home $128,787, which is a pretty good amount.
slot jackpots from Playtech

Playtech Beach Life Rewards

The biggest progressive prize ever was once hit by a customer from South Africa. He won more than $8 million playing Beach Life on February 12, 2012. Then, the player named ‘Hilton’ has managed to win about $6 million. A couple of years before that, Heinrich S became a proud owner of $5 million. Among the most successful gamblers are also Luigi C. and Sylvia P. who have got around $5 million each.

Cinerama Slot Jackpot

If you have a very limited amount of money, but still want to take a shot at winning a fortune, Cinerama is absolutely worth your attention. It has 5 reels and 5 paylines, with maximum bet spin being 0.25. An opportunity to hit a jackpot is absolutely real, as once a gambler took home impressive $105, 268 prize.
Playtech slot winners

Diamond Valley Machine

Many thrill seekers say that entertaining in Diamond Valley Slot is a truly unique experience, even though a multi-line video game does not seem to be extraordinary at the first sight. The thing is that this machine also allows its players to get large sums of cash. Once, the lucky user was awarded magnificent $152, 093.26.

Funky Fruits Pools

Funky Fruits slot can also be proud of many happy jackpot owners. Once upon a time, one of the customers scooped almost $3 million by just entertaining in a fall evening. Another pool was hit by a lucky punter with the total worth of more than $2 million.